• T.C.M. Health Care at Home

    T.C.M (traditional Chinese medicine) is an important part of Chinese civilization with over 3000 years’ history. It has attracted widespread attention throughout the world and it has become gradually accepted by the people around the world nowadays owing to its achievement in prevention and treatment of diseases. T.C.M. therapies, which include acupuncture & moxibustion, Tuina (Chinese massage therapy), herbal medicine, etc, are now frequently used to treat and prevent some diseases both home and abroad and proved to be effective.
    Do you know, you can also use some simple and practical T.C.M. therapies at home for self-treatment and for your family members?Through the course “T.C.M. Health Care at Home”, you will know the basic knowledge and technique of acupuncture & moxibustion, Tuina and T.C.M. diet therapy.

  • Calligraphy

    Calligraphy is a kind of traditional art bearing China’s national culture. It is not only a tool of cultural communication, but also an extraordinarily splendid art treasure. With brush pen and black ink, you could leave your creation on white papers in a typical art way.

  • Chinese Painting

    This course mainly teaches how to paint flowers, birds, portraits and landscape in the traditional Chinese way. It also introduces the history and development of Chinese painting and its art achievements.

  • Paper-cutting

    Paper-cutting is mostly used as ornament on walls, doors, windows, porticoes, mirrors and lanterns. Additionally, paper-cuts can be a given as gifts to friends and business partners as well

  • Chinese Seal Cutting

    Seal cutting is based on seal characters. It used to be a symbol of power and evidence. Now it is not only a kind of art but also a very practical tool which is widely used in modern society.

  • Tea Ceremony

    The Chinese tea ceremony has developed a long history and it covers the main philosophy of China. Chinese people consider drinking tea as a titbit drinking. It is not only a worthy art but also a good way to relax and keep healthy.

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