Decade of successful experience in Kung Fu teaching
Assigned by 20 some international schools in Shanghai as designated Kung Fu Instruction Center for their students.
Group class Kung Fu teaching currently made available for more than 40 private clubs and international business institute combined.
Some total 800 students from different countries now attending MingWu KungFu.

Shanghai Mingwu International Kungfu Club is the first large-scale professional kungfu club in Gubei district, Hongqiao. The club covers an area of over 600 square meters, and has complete equipment and convenient transport facilities. In this pleasant environment, you will experience the best and thorough training in Chinese traditional kungfu and other martial arts.

Our team comprises many experienced, energetic and professional coaches, and we also have some famous and seasoned Kungfu experts as our technique instructors. Our aim is to teach participants kungfu skills and:(1)for children: to build up self-confidence, enhance awareness of self-protection, boost immunity and promote development.(2)for adults: under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, to tap potentials inside the human body, and to achieve body strength, self-protection, fitness, weight loss and stress relief.

Major in Kungfu teaching, based on traditional Chinese medical theories, and according to different goals and requirements, we provide a variety of courses, including short-term and long-term directional training, interactive teaching and learning, team building, theme event, teachers’ training etc.

Meanwhile, we provide customers with services such as Kungfu travel, visiting provincial and municipal sports team training, arranging for students’ participation in or watching Kungfu competitions. All kinds of Kungfu uniforms, shoes and facilities are on sale.

In addition, we provide Kungfu performance and activity planning for public institutions and enterprises on ceremonies like anniversary, banquet, celebrations, opening up, etc. We can perform various programs such as Kungfu,dragon dance, lion dance, magic, face-changing, so on and so force. With excellent team, wonderful performance and dedicated spirit, we offer you the most considerate service.

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