• Wu Shu

    It is characterized by powerful and energetic movements of fists and legs for both offense and self-defense to produce explosive strength outside the body. It is very suitable for children and young people. Wai Jia Chuan concentrates upon the production of external yang qi and thus exercises the trainees’ skin, muscles, tendons and bones to enrich qi and blood outside, boost immunity and adapt the body to natural environment.

    For children: to build up self-confidence, enhance awareness of self-protection, boost immunity and promote development. Learning Kung Fu is one way of succeeding in making a child a stronger person, both mentally and physically.

    For adults: under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, to tap potentials inside the human body,and to achieve body strength,

  • Tai Chi

    This technique couples hardness with softness and softness overcoming hardness, and is fit for both the young and old. Practice of Nei Jia Chuan, which makes mind quiet and body relaxed and qi harmonized, can balance the internal and external environments of human body, unblock meridians and collaterals, activate blood and resolve blood-stasis. It is said that Tai Chi Chuan originates from universe and becomes the mother of yin and yang.

  • San Da

    It is a form of combating only in China. It is composed of punching with fists, kicking with legs and wrestling technique. It is thus suitable for the young people. San Da emphasizes the combination of yin and yang, distant yang and near yin, distant beating and near wrestling in combating. Through its practice, you can enhance your outward strength, coordination and defensibility, as well as inward flexibility, suppleness and tolerability.

  • Chinese Health Qigong

    It is a component of China’s long-established culture. It is a traditional sport combining physical movement, respiration and self-adjustment. The four kinds of Qigong, Yì Jīn Jīng, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue, and Ba Duan Jin, all have rich connotations. The gentle and slow postures, which are graceful and elegant, matched with dainty music, lead one to enjoy the beauty and help promote one’s mental health. Chinese Health Qigong has the nature of both traditional sports and rehabilitation medicine. It is very scientific and safe, and positive in promoting physical quality, invigorating the cardiopulmonary and digestive functions, keeping from aging, adjusting and improving people’s mindset, etc.

  • Kungfu Fan

    It absorbs the quintessence of Chinese traditional martial art. Combining the movement of Tai Chi and martial art of different styles as well as Beijing opera and dancing, it integrates the fan-waving and the skills of martial attack and defense, and makes a close match of the ancient martial art and modern songs. Unite hardness and softness, quickness and slowness, dancing and exercise fun from within. It not only suitable for performance, but also has terrific fitting effect. It helps cultivate one’s character and make oneself strong, and brings him the fun of Kungfu learning.

  • Tae Kwon Do

    Tae means different kinds of movements and actions by using the feet to kick or stamp. Kwon means different kinds of movements and actions by using the hands to punch or block. Do means an advancing way toward a direction turned by a head. The people who practice Tae kwon Do should learn the techniques and moralities of Tae Kwon Do.

  • Karate

    KARA means empty,TE means hands,DO means spirit。All come from Japanese. Generally speaking, Karate has tow kinds: sports karate and practical (full-contact) karate. We are training full-contact which is most popular in more than 100 countries and cities of the world in martial arts area.

  • Jeet Kune Do

    also Jeet Kun Do or JKD, is a martial art philosophy developed by martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.


    “TAE” is the abbreviation of “Tae Kwon Do”, and “BO” is “Boxing”. It is not an antagonistic boxing, but a new aerobics which integrates music, dancing, boxing and tae kwon do into aerobics. With the rhythmical music and unrestrained movements, the learner will achieve healthiness and be replete with heroic spirit.

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    Mixed martial arts (commonly referred to as MMA) is a combat sport in which two competitors attempt to defeat each other by potentially utilizing a wide variety of fighting techniques, including striking and grappling. Striking techniques (such as kicks, knees and punches) and grappling techniques (such as clinch holds, pinning holds, submission holds, sweeps, takedowns and throws).

  • Personal fitting instruction

    Based on the member’s diet, work, sleeping and personal need, mastering the professional knowledge and skills of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and psychology, the instructor will design individualized training plans for different people. The coach will also provide scientific instructions for members to achieve the best effect as well as body fitness.

  • Ballet


  • Yoga


  • Chinese Dance

    China is an ancient oriental country with a vast territory, a large population and a long history. The long years and generous cultural accumulations give birth to the 56 nations today living as brothers on the great land. 56 nations have different traditions and customs from each other, and their dances also have distinct features. The traditional sports and folk dances are an important part of Chinese national culture. The folk dances have the collective, free, recreational, popular and bodybuilding characteristics. It lives along with traditional sports, and mixes with each other and develops at the same time, which plays a significant role in people’s spare time.

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